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The hidden hotties behind cartoon characters

Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona

Cameron Diaz, Princess Fiona (© Rex Features)
  • It's always weird when you discover the unlikely talent behind a cartoon role (© Sony Pictures)
  • Mila Kunis, Meg Griffin (© Getty Images)
  • Sarah Silverman, Vanellope von Schweetz (© Rex Features)
  • Anne Hathaway, Jewel (© Getty Images; Rex Features)
  • Angelina Jolie, Tigress (© Rex Features)
  • Cameron Diaz, Princess Fiona (© Rex Features)
  • Kristen Bell, Cora (© Rex Features)
  • Beyoncé, The Wubb Girlz (© Getty Images; Nickelodeon)
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Shrek's missus, Princess Fiona, is often described as a bit of an ogre in the looks department. This depiction hasn't really been helped by the fact that she is an ogre, but regardless on what's happening on the outside, regulation hottie Cameron Diaz has always been quick to defend her onscreen animation. "It's amazing when I go into interviews. It's shocking to me that that's the perception, just because she's big and round. I think she's lovely. Her body is everything that she is inside. I love that she is the princess who isn't like all the other princesses. She doesn't look like them, and she's just as beloved and accepted," Cameron told the Associated Press while promoting the third installment in the never-ending Shrek franchise.