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The hidden hotties behind cartoon characters

Susan Sarandon as Miss Spider

Susan Sarandon, Miss Spider (© Rex Features)
  • Beyoncé, The Wubb Girlz (© Getty Images; Nickelodeon)
  • Susan Sarandon, Miss Spider (© Rex Features)
  • Emma Stone, Eep Crood (© Reuters; Rex)
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As terrifying as those eight-legged freaks can be, can you still be afraid of Miss Spider when she's voiced by the ever-lovely Susan Sarandon in James and the Giant Peach? Sure, it's hard to make anyone attractive in stop-motion form -- even when they have a sexy French accent -- but maybe it's worth remembering that the beret-wearing Miss Spider is still a FREAKING SPIDER! Regardless of how many Susan Sarandons are behind her, she remains a gangly, leggy, bulbous bodied creepy crawly that you allegedly ingest four times a year while you're sleeping. Has this myth been debunked yet? Let's all stay up and watch Archer reruns until it is, mmm 'k?