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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Katniss Everdeen @ Quarter Quell Games

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As a victor, Katniss had been promised a lifetime free of being reaped for the games ever again. But the rules have changed. Each Quarter Quell – which every 25 years marks the Capitol’s triumphant defeat over the rebelling Districts – the games get special instructions, and this year they say that the competition will take place between former victors, a move Katniss suspects is aimed at her.

“I think Katniss was just starting to accept that she had post-traumatic stress and was trying to get over that, only now she has to face the unthinkable: going back to the Games,” says Lawrence.

Diving back into the depths of the role, Lawrence was acutely aware that Katniss is trying to come to terms with all that she has experienced and achieved, and just as much with newfound fame and its seeming ability to wreak havoc.

“In Catching Fire, Katniss becomes very aware of all the people who are watching her, who are depending on her and that all becomes very real to her,” says the actress. “She feels that she has to decide between saving her family or fighting for her people,” added J-Law.