Updated: Wed, 04 Sep 2013 23:00:00 GMT
TIFF's most shocking moments

Sean Penn Lights Up (2006)

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Do you think the most controversial event of a film festival a movie that imagines what would happen in the wake of the assassination of the sitting president of the United States or an actor lighting a cigarette while sitting on a panel at the Sutton Place hotel? You might think it'd be the former - which did, after all, generate enough noise on the American barking-head circuit to get FOX News to send a truck to the world premiere - but it was Penn's need for a smoke that triggered the longer foofaraw, which was still raging a full week after The Incident. The Sutton Place was fined $600, and though it was determined that Penn was unaware of the city's non-smoking bylaw, the Oscar-winning actor still had to suffer the indignity of receiving an angry letter from Toronto Public Health.