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Top 10 cinema servants

Dobby (Toby Jones) – Harry Potter franchise (2001 – 2011)

Dobby Toby Jones – Harry Potter franchise 2001 – 2011 (© Rex Features)
  • In honour of Lee Daniels’ The Butler, join us as we don some white gloves to lift the cloche on Hollywood’s most iconic hired help (© Rex Features)
  • Alfred Pennyworth Michael Caine – Batman trilogy 2005 - 2012 (© Rex Features)
  • Oddjob Harold Sakata – Goldfinger 1964 (© Rex Features)
  • Maria Von Trapp Julie Andrews , The Sound of Music 1965 (© Rex Features)
  • Euphegenia Doubtfire Robin Williams – Mrs. Doubtfire 1993 (© Rex Features)
  • Dobby Toby Jones – Harry Potter franchise 2001 – 2011 (© Rex Features)
  • Hobson John Gielgud - Arthur 1981 (© Rex Features)
  • Mary Poppins Julie Andrews – Mary Poppins 1964 (© Rex Features)
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Though he was technically set free thanks to the efforts of a certain boy wizard and a well-placed pair of socks, Dobby (played by Toby Jones, pictured) is still fully deserving of a spot on our countdown of cinematic servitude. After all he was every inch the faithful servant; a cutesy character who not only stole cinemagoers’ hearts with his misguided attempts to protect the boy Potter, but who eventually made the ultimate sacrifice in order to save his friend’s life. Sniff.