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Top 10 cinema servants

Hobson (John Gielgud) - Arthur (1981)

Hobson John Gielgud - Arthur 1981 (© Rex Features)
  • In honour of Lee Daniels’ The Butler, join us as we don some white gloves to lift the cloche on Hollywood’s most iconic hired help (© Rex Features)
  • Alfred Pennyworth Michael Caine – Batman trilogy 2005 - 2012 (© Rex Features)
  • Oddjob Harold Sakata – Goldfinger 1964 (© Rex Features)
  • Maria Von Trapp Julie Andrews , The Sound of Music 1965 (© Rex Features)
  • Euphegenia Doubtfire Robin Williams – Mrs. Doubtfire 1993 (© Rex Features)
  • Dobby Toby Jones – Harry Potter franchise 2001 – 2011 (© Rex Features)
  • Hobson John Gielgud - Arthur 1981 (© Rex Features)
  • Mary Poppins Julie Andrews – Mary Poppins 1964 (© Rex Features)
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It took something special to stand up to Dudley Moore’s brilliant performance as a perennially sozzled playboy; which is perhaps why the Academy decided to reward John Gielgud with a little gold naked man for his turn in Arthur. One of the few actors to have won an Oscar, an Emmy and a Tony award; Gieglud is one of the biggest names in the business. Yet the Shakespearian-trained star will always be remembered for his hilarious turn as Hobson, a cinematic servant who was a caustic as he was caring when it came to dealing with the movie’s titular manchild.