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Top 10 muscle movies

300 (2007)

300 2007 (© Rex Features)
  • We take a look at the muscliest movies of all time (© Paramount Pictures)
  • 300 2007 (© Rex Features)
  • Bloodsport 1988 (© Rex Features)
  • Conan the Barbarian 1982 (© Rex Features)
  • Fight Club 1999 (© Rex Features)
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2009 (© Rex Features)
  • Hercules 1958 (© Rex Features)
  • The Wrestler 2008 (© Rex Features)
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A sword, a shield and 299 comrades were all that Gerard Butler needed to hold back the Persian hordes in Zack Snyder’s smash hit 300. It helped of course that those 299 comrades looked like they’d been chiselled out of marble, sporting six packs where most of us carry kegs. In fact so fearsome were the cast’s physiques that many people cried foul, suggesting that they were CGI constructs rather than the result of months of rigorous training. They weren’t of course, this is Sparta after all. Instead they were the result of four months of muscle-building activity where Butler and co spent upwards of 12 hours a day bulking up for their roles.