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You know me: When actors play themselves

Michael Cera in Paper Heart (2009)

Michael Cera in Paper Heart 2009 (© Rex Features)
  • Joaquin Phoenix in I’m Still Here 2010 (© Rex Features)
  • Paul Giamatti in Cold Souls 2009 (© Rex Features)
  • Michael Cera in Paper Heart 2009 (© Rex Features)
  • Billy Idol in The Wedding Singer 1998 (© Rex Features)
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Michael Cera goes against type in This is the End, playing an obnoxious, coked-out version of himself who is not above refusing a groupie’s ministrations in the middle of a James Franco party. Cera seems a little more like his other movie characters – shy, awkward, smart – in Paper Heart. Co-written and starring his then-girlfriend Charlene Yi (Knocked Up), the movie is set up as a documentary, with Charlene exploring ideas about love and whether or not she is in love herself. As her would-be boyfriend, Cera plays Michael Cera as strangely confident, charming, and curious about this seemingly clueless young woman.