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Young warriors on film

Cloak & Dagger (1984)

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Meant, in part, to be a break ahead for E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial star Henry Thomas, Cloak & Dagger kind of fell through the cracks in 1984 – when the veteran actor was just 13 years old. Nonetheless, in Cloak & Dagger, Thomas’s character Davey is just 11, living with his father (beloved character actor Dabney Coleman) in Texas after his mother has died. Dad is an air-traffic controller for the military, and Davey retreats from grim reality by engaging in fantasy and video games. The role playing of one game – yes, again, it’s the movie title – allows young Davey escape, but it also sharpens him for the unexpected when Davey witnesses a murder. Cue disbelieving authorities, malevolent spies, international intrigue and a chase across San Antonio – to the Alamo – and Davey’s desire to be a Cloak & Dagger superhero is complete.

That wasn’t enough to bring in other fantasy-fueled kids, though, as Cloak & Dagger couldn’t even dent $10 million at the box office and ended up being packaged as a double feature with, of all things, the aforementioned The Last Starfighter.