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Young warriors on film

Avalon (2001)

Avalon (2001) (© Rex Features)
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A joint production from Japan and Poland, Avalon stars Malgorzata Foremniak as a lone – and, in the male-dominated world of such fantasies, welcome – female protagonist, fighting her way through an illegal game to get to the next level, while also tempting Arthurian legend. If it sounds like a lot to handle, director Mamoru Oshii keeps the pursuit and its crosses/double-crosses/triple-crosses concise and visually rich – and Avalon is certainly a better investment of a viewer’s time than anything in the never-ending cash-cow that is the Resident Evil series with Milla Jovovich, a blender-fest that continually throws in everything including the kitchen sink and hopes that something sticks. Hard to find in North America for the longest time, Avalon was scooped up by Miramax Films a decade or so ago for DVD release on these shores, and can likely be found by visiting your friendly, neighbourhood video store.