Mon, 08 Apr 2013 11:50:00 GMT | By Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial

CHASHME BUDDOOR v/s CHASHME BADDOOR: Which will stand the test of time remake or original?

It has happened for the first time in the world of cinema perhaps that a film made more than two decade ago has been re-released on the same day when its remake has been made and released today. The film under question is CHASHME BUDDOOR, which originally was produced by Gul Anand and directed by Sai Paranjpye, while the remake has been made by David Dhawan. Both the original and the remake CHASHME BADDOOR have been released today.

In the era of remakes which is being now supposedly brandied as the sure way to success at the box office, the release of CHASHME BUDDOOR- the original and the remake CHASHME BADDOOR on the same day would be an event that would be watched with great interest by the pundits associated with the business of cinema in India.

At the very outset, it however needs to be emphasized that there is a fundamental difference between the re-release of the original and the remake- it being in the number of prints that are being released of the original and the remake. The number of prints of remake CHASHME BADDOOR is quite large as compared to the digitally stored prints of the stored, which have been released majorly in the urban centers and that too in a limited number of shows for a day.

So the comparison that would primarily be between the remake and the digitally re-stored version of original CHASHME BUDDOOR would not obviously be from the perspective of commercial success, but the comparisons could be in terms of the content. Obviously the remake has been made by the master of comedy films in Hindi cinema David Dhawan and by shifting the location of remake to Goa he has carved for himself the opportunity to bring in the spirit of freedom and gay abandon that Goa represents has been the reference point around which the film has been built, and as a tribute to the element of kaminapan between friends when they start wooing the same girl in the original, the remake has come out with a song itself- har ek friend kameena hota hai, and for Hindi cinema this has been a monumental step forward in the paeans to friendship that have been sung through scores of songs.

The key differential between the two films or rather the two contours of comparison between the original and the remake however would be the enactments of performance between Saeed Jafri and Rishi Kapoor, as Saeed Jafri was the binding element, and one can say with surety that the new found success that Rishi Kapoor has achieved in enacting character roles would hold him in good stead in the remake. But the real comparison would be in the roles enacted by Deepti Naval and that by Taapsee Pannu as it is Miss Chamko who still brings fond memories in those who have seen the original and for Taapsee Pannu it would be a real challenge to stand to the role of Miss Chamko.

It has been more than two decades since the original was released and now that PVR Director's Rare has taken the initiative to re-release the original one hopes that in the present times where remakes are the requiem of the day, the originals would also be re-released the same day so that the fans of cinema get a taste of both and give their verdict whether original was better or the remake!

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