Fri, 10 May 2013 11:59:00 GMT | By Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial

B.A. PASS and sexual escapades in Bollywood

It has been in existence since the time the Indian civilization was conceptualized, the sexual escapades that is, its forms and formats have kept on changing but as a reality it continues to evolve and morph into new dimensions perhaps factoring in the mood and tenor of the times. B.A. PASS is the latest addition which explores the genre of paid sex and the ramifications associated with it, as there always is an element of deceit and entrapment associated with it, if the things are not working to a plan. Besides, it is more often than not, the female of the species which takes the lead and it is more of an empowering tool towards sexual liberation as well. What B.A. PASS is exploring this genre, is through an element of Noir associated in these kinds of activities and one needs to complement the director Ajay Bahl war weaving a miasma using eroticism as the base. After all, of the 95 minutes saga that B.A. PASS unfolds, it has 22 minutes of intimate scenes and it indeed would be one of the firsts happening on the silver screen.

This then being the premise, it indeed is an opportune moment to take a trip down memory lane and unravel the saga of sexual escapades as it has happened over the years on the silver screen:

RIHAEE: Perhaps one of those rare films where Hema Malini had done intimate scenes along with Vinod Khanna, and as the name of the film suggests, it was all about emancipation, emancipation of the woman to exercise the choice of sexual experiences. Directed by Aruna Raje, it was a bold film and one need to salute the censor board for passing that film.

ANUBHAV: It was a film that had portrayed the woes associated with the wedding night and how one needed to learn the nuances, obviously a film that came more than 20 years ago in the era when Internet was not even coined the film had a fantastic run. It underlined the importance of sexual teaching, but also commented on the fact that if one starts having nefarious tendencies then price has to be paid.

AASHTA: Basu Bhattacharya's last film before he passed away apart from being a critical acclaim was also a commercial success. It explored the dilemma of the wife of a middle class family who gets awakened to his latent sexual desires post mid-life and how to satiate these desires falls into the trap of high society prostitution. BA PASS is the interpretation of the same dilemma from a female perspective where bored house wives trap a boy to pander to their sexual desires. It was Rekha's amongst the brilliant performances in her acting career.

THE DIRTY PICTURE: THE DIRTY PICTURE underlined the fact that indeed couch does exist in the film industry and it was a graphic visualization of a small time actress's metamorphosis into a big star, and how she used her sexuality to reach her objective. TDP in a way was also underlining the fact that one could use their sexuality to meet the aspirations.

SAHIB BIWI AUR GANGSTER and SAHIB BIWI AUR GANGSTER RETURNS: Tigmanshu Dhulia's two film saga is a vivid portrayal of how females have been channelizing their sexuality to pursue their agendas and Mahie Gill as the seductress who could go to any length to bed an individual if he caught her fancy, is also coming of age of Indian cinema.

One only hopes that B.A. PASS would foster the legacy and inspire more to follow in the ilk to exorcise demon built up around sexuality.

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