Mon, 13 May 2013 11:40:00 GMT | By Glamsham Editorial

Kiran Rao to launch her own production company

Kiran Rao has an eclectic taste in cinema and is seen as an ardent supporter of good cinema.

Now, Kiran Rao wants to take her passion a step forward. Would like to support new talent and present films that are good quality content.

When called for a casual screening of the film SHIP OF THESEUS, Kiran found the film to be stunning and came off thinking that films like this need to be promoted and nurtured.

Under this banner she would be presenting films that are important and deserve to get a wider platform for their release.

The purpose of this production company is not to let good independent cinema remain in the confines of anonymity and finding a relatively wider release.

Kiran Rao would present her first film SHIP OF THESEUS come this July. Anand Gandhi who makes his debut with this film is a very talented director.

When contacted Kiran Rao confirms the news and refuses to divulge more information.

Adds source, Kiran Rao is very excited about her new venture. She always likes to be part of creative process especially if the content is good. SHIP OF THESUS is a film that she is proud to present.

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