Tue, 25 Jun 2013 11:31:00 GMT | By Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial

Gauhar Khan: No one can take away my experience

Gauhar Khan (yes, that's the way her name is spelled), is on a career high. Her musical extravaganza 'Zangoora' has completed 1000 shows and is still going strong. While she has been doing well in movies with ISHAQZAADE, her last release, bringing her good acclaim, Gauahar is understandably excited to be playing 'Lachi' in 'Zangoora'.

On asked about what is really working for the show, Gauhar says, "First and foremost the fact that it is an absolutely original concept and secondly, the very scale and opulence of it. The kind of technology that has been adopted coupled with the antics on display are making it all worth it. For audience, it is like going to Disneyland. It is for people of all ages. Kids, uncles, aunties, grandparents - it is for them all. At least you don't have to think whether you can take your children or parents along or not."

No wonder, the show has turned out to be a tourist attraction no less and is seeing people stepping in from places as far as United Kingdom, South Africa and Norway to name a few countries. Meanwhile, Gauhar isn't letting go of her desire to being an actress for the big screen and is continuing to work in that direction.

"I believe in the integrity of filmmakers and hence I know that there is space for talent," she says in a confident tone, "They understand that who is an actor and whether you need to be given a chance just because you are someone's girlfriend or daughter. I know that I am worth good work and no matter which city I am in, I would find an opportunity to do well. The kind of credentials that 'Zangoora' has given to me is tremendous. Others may be the biggest stars out there but no one can take away my experience of doing a musical that has been running for 1000 shows. That experience is priceless."

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