Sat, 29 Jun 2013 11:45:00 GMT | By Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial

Vidya Balan thrives on being unconventional

If there is one actress in the recent times who is not at all bothered about appearing in a glamorous way in a film, with designer couture, without oodles of makeup, it is Vidya Balan, who has really redefined the notions of beauty as they conventionally are associated for a Hindi film heroine, and she affirms it again with her latest film GHANCHAKKAR. She has again been portrayed in a wacky sense as far as her attire is concerned, and one could argue that it is in sync with the character that she is portraying, but has this been a factor in the way Hindi film actors appear on silver screen. It rarely has been, even if an actor is playing the role of a pauper, he would be attired in such immaculate dresses that even poverty would be ashamed to include him or her under that category.

In her own imitable manner, more so with the roles that Vidya Balan has been doing, including that in GHANCHAKKAR, she is setting the agenda, the agenda of forcing the men of the species to look at women not through her body or through her clothes but through the warmth that is expressed through the eyes of the woman, and Vidya Balan has underlined it with rare panache from ISHQIYA to THE DIRTY PICTURE to KAHAANI and now in GHANCHAKKAR.

By redefining the contours of the way in which a woman ought to be seen, i.e. she ought to be seen in the way she is and not through some reference points of being an hour glass figure. This is precisely the reason perhaps that Vidya Balan has emerged as the force to be reckoned with at the box office, and she perhaps gets oodles of support from the female of the species who believe in the idea and the notions that Vidya Balan is trying to propagate through various characters, including GHANCHAKKAR, and has become a force to be reckoned with in the initial three days at the box office.

It is also in sync with the power that she draws at the box office now a days that she has been shown promoting GHANCHAKKAR rather than Emraan Hashmi, the hero of the film. The reconstruction of Vidya Balan happened in a really big way through NO ONE KILLED JESSICA directed by Raj Kumar Gupta, who again is the director of GHANCHAKKAR.

If GHANCHAKKAR hits bulls eye at the box office, Rajkumar Gupta would have to thank Vidya Balan for it, as it is her presence in the film and the way she has presented herself which would be instrumental in bringing the footfalls for the film at the box office.

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