Mon, 08 Jul 2013 11:48:00 GMT | By Glamsham Editorial

Ranvir Shorey once again turns 'Dilliwala' for BAJATEY RAHO

Actor Ranvir Shorey's role as a typical Dilliwala in KHOSLA KA GHOSLA was quite appreciated. However, post the film he got flooded with roles where he had to play a 'Dilliwala'.

Sighting the cliches, Ranvir decided not to do any roles where he was required to play a Delhi boy. But it was director Shashant A Shah's BAJATEY RAHO that changed Ranvir's mindset.

"As much as I loved playing a Delhiite in KKG, it was quite irritating to be offered so many roles where people wanted me to be known as a guy from the capital. I appreciate the fact that everyone liked me in that role, but I have always tried to do different roles. That's why I took a vow that I won't do any more roles that put me in that bracket. However, when Shashant came to me with BAJATEY RAHO, I realised it was time once again to be a Dilliwala. The script is brilliant and Shashant is a very good filmmaker. I wanted to work with him and even though I am from Delhi in this film, it is not a repeat of KKG," explains Ranvir.

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