Wed, 25 Sep 2013 11:40:00 GMT | By Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial

JOHN DAY makers gearing up for two new projects

They have managed to take their first baby step into the industry and share a resolve to stay on in the game. K. Asif and Aatef Khan, brothers-in-arms who paired up with Anjum Rizvi for their first outing JOHN DAY are happy with the critical acclaim that the film has generated as well as a respectable release that they managed to give to the film.

Says K. Asif, "We were always sure of one thing that whatever we make, it had to be a classy affair. There was going to be no cutting corners and hence when critics point out that JOHN DAY carries a polished upmarket look to it, I feel a lot proud. It was always an endeavour for me to make a film that broke the clutter. I am glad all associated with the film had a shared vision and no one cut the corners."

This is a sentiment shared by Asif's younger brother Aatef Khan as well whose endeavour to make a film totally different from the cliches of Bollywood has been well noticed by those who have seen the film.

"We picked a unique subject, gave it a good treatment during it's making, ensured that post production was well designed too, marketed the film well and then left no stone unturned for the film's promotion and eventually ensured a good release for JOHN DAY. For a film of this genre to see a well spread arrival is good and we managed that despite being first time producers without any corporate backing. Our name is attached to a quality product and that is satisfying indeed," says Aatef.

Now the two brothers wish to carry forward their production plans.

"We have two scripts in the making," the brothers add, "By the grace of God, whoever is associated with JOHN DAY is passionate about filmmaking. We will surely reap good results in outings to come."

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