Sat, 14 Dec 2013 11:47:00 GMT | By Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial

Sunny Leone's JACKPOT moves away from Katrina Kaif's BOOM

Talk about old devils haunting you for long. This is what happened for filmmaker Kaizad Gustad who, after BOOM, wanted to pitch JACKPOT with potential producers and actors. Though it is businessman turned actor Sachiin Joshi who ended up picking the film, it wasn't without his fair deal of apprehensions.

"Kaizad was trying to get in touch with me for many months but then I was busy with MUMBAI MIRROR. I was aware that Kaizad had made a couple of films in the past and though I had enjoyed BOMBAY BOYS, his other film (and a much panned one), BOOM, was a strict no-no for me," says Sachiin, "There were certain definite notions that I was carrying and had apprehensions around picking this film."

On his part, the filmmaker was insistent on a script narration and just wanted an opportunity to showcase what he had in store. As it (obviously) turned out, the moment Sachiin heard the script, he was game for it and totally sold. He felt that Kaizad had brought with him a brilliant script which went way beyond BOOM and trusted him to narrate it well on screen for audience consumption as well.

Says Sachiin, "With the script in place, my job was to now ensure that everything happening on the sets was in line with that. Also, as a producer, I assigned Kaizad a very good team of people. After all, a man is made of a team and not just himself. With a good team, you can deliver a good product."

Meanwhile, Sachiin too took an effort to personally work with Kaizad to ensure that together they were in sync right through the making.

"In the end now, what I am seeing as a final cut is something that I am really liking," smiles Sachiin who has Sunny Leone as his leading lady, "JACKPOT has a very fresh way of looking at a con game. It will have some pleasant surprises to offer to the audience."

We would look forward to checking it out ourselves with the film already running in theatres

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