Sat, 26 Apr 2014 00:39:00 GMT | By Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial

KOYELAANCHAL director pulls a kissing prank on actress Roopali

For her debut feature film KOYELAANCHAL, leading girl Roopali Krishnarao was prepared for the fact that she would have to indulge in some steamy outings, as per the requirement of the narrative. However, what she hadn't anticipated was a prank that was waiting to be played on her during the early days of the shoot itself.

"This was for one of the intimate moments in the film where Roopali and her love interest (played by Vipinno) had to indulge in a lip-lock. It had seemed like a regular affair since kissing is hardly a taboo in the world of Hindi films anymore. Roopali didn't create any fuss about it and readied herself for the shoot," informs a unit member.

This is when director Asshu Trikha decided to play a prank on both Roopali and Vipinno. Hence, while he called for 'action' and the actors began to kiss, he kept mum on calling 'cut'. After a couple of minutes passed by in absolute silence, the unit - which was well aware of what was on the anvil - broke into laughter. Only then did Roopali as well as Vipinno realize that a prank was being played on them.

"The idea was to break the ice on the sets," says Asshu, "There is always this element of awkwardness that comes in when actors get intimate for camera. I felt that it would be better if we laughed it all out moments after the scene was canned, so that we could get back to business as usual soon after."

Fortunately for him, Roopali too had a hearty laugh over the whole affair instead of sulking in a corner. On the contrary it was Vipinno, who is getting used to Bollywood ways of functioning, who was caught red faced and wondered whether there were more pranks in store for him in weeks to come.

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