Sat, 23 Aug 2014 00:14:00 GMT | By Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial

Homi Adajania: Was dying to make FINDING FANNY

FINDING FANNY could well be called as Homi Adajania's love child. Carrying this dream for last so many years and realizing it only after delivering a major commercial and critical success in the form of COCKTAIL, Homi was sure that he would be moving on to his next only after taking the journey of FINDING FANNY. Pun intended! So while it was a seven year gap between BEING CYRUS (2005) and COCKTAIL (2012), Homi moved on to FINDING FANNY rather quickly.

Was it that inspiring a subject?

"No, it was just a story that I had written years ago and was dying to make. At first it was considered too much of a risk being in English, then it couldn't get made because of the budget I wanted, then Naseer couldn't do it at the time I wanted," says Homi, "So yes, ironically I had to make COCKTAIL to get the funding I needed for FINDING FANNY."

Well, he turned lucky after all as for his experimental film that defies all norms and still aims to break into the commercial circuit, he has star power at his disposal. With Deepika Padukone as well as Arjun Kapoor providing him and his film unconditional support, Homi is aiming to reach out to his target audience and impress them with his brand of cinema.

"It's more of a cerebral journey as I trudged back into the swamp in my head to play with some of my own material again," he smiles, "My producer, Dinesh Vijan, knew that I had driven him insane if he didn't let me make this next."

Now that the film has been made, one looks forward to this Dinesh Vijan-Fox collaboration which is all set to hit the screens on 12th September.

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