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‘Titanic' in 3D: Indian fans excited, experts doubtful

Come Friday, cinema goers in India will be able to relive their ‘Titanic’ moments once again - in 3D.

‘Titanic' in 3D: Indian fans excited, experts doubtful

While fans are excited to watch the epic James Cameron film, theatre owners and distributors here doubt if it will pull in the crowds.

The original 'Titanic', a love story with the 1912 sinking of the ship as its backdrop, which was released in 1997 and won 11 Oscars, grossed $1.843-billion worldwide. It made around Rs.500 million (nearly $1 million) in India alone.

The 3D version of the film, to be released in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, is in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and a special tribute to the tragedy that claimed several lives.

Fans, including Bollywood star Bipasha Basu, are upbeat.

"Looking forward to watching 'Titanic' in 3D! When I first saw 'Titanic', I cried so much, I must have finished a whole tissue box! Ready to do it again," tweeted Bipasha.

For Sandeep Verma, a fashion blogger, 'Titanic' is an epic film and watching it in 3D will be a different adventure altogether. "As one of the biggest movies ever made, 'Titanic' is still liked by millions and I am no exception. I still try not to miss it when it is aired on TV," Verma told IANS.

This time around, audiences have another reason to look forward to the film as the censor board has refrained from cutting the sensational scene in which actor Leonardo DiCaprio sketches a nude Kate Winslet.

The movie, which narrates the love story between socialite Rose Bukater and commoner Jack Dawson on board the Titanic, has been passed without any cuts and has received a clear U/A censor rating by the censors in India.

The 3D version will also prove to be a treat for all those who missed 'Titanic' on the big screen 15 years ago.

Though the excitement among fans is palpable, theatre owners feel 'Titanic 3D' won't get the expected audience as most fans have watched the film multiple times over the years.

"There is no buzz as people have already seen the movie long time back. Also since there is no action sequence in the movie, except the climax, people will hardly get to feel the 3D effect in the movie," Puneet Sahay of Spice Cinemas told IANS.

"The length of the movie is also a big problem. It's a long movie of duration of three hours and 15 minutes. And if one includes trailers, it will be three hours and 45 minutes long. So we are planning just four shows."

Delhi-based distributor Joginder Mahajan feels for a better box office business, ticket price should not be kept so high and added: "There are limited screens for 3D movies, so business would be accordingly. Also, the ticket rates for 3D movies are higher in India, and this is also one of the drawbacks."

"But I am hopeful that with such an epic story line, people will definitely come to watch it for sure," she added.

Source: IANS

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