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Aniston thrilled to work in 'Life of Crime'

Actress Jennifer Aniston, who was last seen in 'We're the Millers', talks about her upcoming film 'Life of Crime'

Aniston thrilled to work in 'Life of Crime' (© Reuters)

Los Angeles: Jennifer Aniston is thrilled to work in the new movie 'Life of Crime' and says the script is wonderfully written.

"For me, it was just such a different role than (those that) usually come to me," the 44-year-old told showbizspy.

"So I was thrilled and I was honored and it was riveting and wonderfully written," she added.

Meanwhile, the actress is keen for her beloved white shepherd mix Dolly, which she adopted as a pup in 2006, to star in a movie.

"Jen taught Dolly to sit, shake and roll over in a few hours, so she's convinced Dolly has the talent - she just needs the right training," said a source.

"She even tried to get Dolly cast in her current movie, 'Squirrels to the Nuts', added the source.

The actress and her fiance Justin Theroux recently adopted a puppy named Sophie in a bid to replace Aniston's beloved mutt Norman, who died in 2011 at the ripe old age of 15.

"Dolly and Sophie get along brilliantly, but Jen loves Dolly like a daughter. Her dream is to do a 'Marley & Me sequel' with Dolly in the lead," said the source.

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