Wed, 10 Oct 2012 10:45:00 GMT | By IANS

Aniston's engagement ring too loud?

Jennifer Aniston's engagement ring is reportedly labeled as "gaudy" by style experts.

Aniston's engagement ring too loud? (© Reuters)

The 43-year-old gave a glimpse of her engagement ring this weekend for the first time after being proposed by actor boyfriend, Justin Theroux, in August.

She was spotted in New Mexico on the weekend, wearing her 8 carat diamond ring. However, according to experts, it looks more like a cocktail attire and too loud for an engagement ring, the Daily Mail reported.

"Jennifer's engagement ring is valuable, for sure, but a stone that size is not exactly sophisticated," a style expert said.

"In fact, one might argue that it is downright gaudy. It looks like it belongs on the hand of a real housewife. I love Jennifer's clean and elegant aesthetic - but this ring is completely at odds with that," the expert added.

While the date of the marriage has not been announced yet, the couple might tie the knot in New Mexico.

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