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Author JRR Tolkien to get a biopic

The creator of middle earth is getting his own story told on the big screen.

Author JRR Tolkien to get a biopic (© AP)

Los Angeles: Author JRR Tolkien, whose classics 'The Hobbit' and 'Lord of the Rings' were turned into successful film franchises by Peter Jackson, is getting a biopic.

Fox Searchlight and Peter Chernin's Chernin Entertainment are developing a feature project that would chronicle the key moments in Tolkien's life, said the Hollywood Reporter.

The movie will explore the author's life and his writing career that included great children's classic 'The Hobbit' in 1937 and in 1954 'Rings' trilogy.

David Gleeson, a sci-fi writer, has written the script for the under development project.

Tolkien had a fascinating life. He fought in World War I, where he saw countrysides torn to shreds and friends killed, and he was a code breaker in waiting during World War II.

He was close friends with CS Lewis, the author of the 'Chronicles of Narnia' books, and the two made up part of an academic and writing group known as the Inklings.

It is not clear whether Tolkien's estate is involved in the biopic.

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