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Avicii: Swedish DJ and producer talks about his new album True

DJ and producer Avicii opens up about his forthcoming album True, and his musical influences.

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If you don't know who Swedish DJ and producer Avicii is, let me tell you that he has scored one the fastest-selling singles of the year so far with Wake Me Up.

Avicii, also known as Tim Bergling, has a new album called True. We had a chat with him about his music.

What would you say to persuade people to buy your album?

I would say if they like what I’ve done in the past, if they liked the first single, Wake Me Up, from the album, I would say that they would probably like the rest of the album too. Because it’s not really the same genre, but it’s all the same type of melodic… it’s very eclectic, it’s a bunch of different genres but it’s very melodic and the same kind of uplifting feel.

Wake Me Up went straight in at number one across Europe! How do you feel when you hear such success for your single?

It’s great, for sure! Especially with a track like Wake Me Up since it’s something I never, musically and melodically, something I’ve ever done before, a mixture between genres that wouldn’t necessarily go together well! House, when you first hear it, is never that interesting. There was a lot that I had to go through in the beginning when I was premiering in old genre stuff, just the initial reaction was just shock because it was so different than anything I’ve done before and what they were expecting. So that’s why I think it feels extra good that once that has settled down and people have actually gotten over the fact that it’s country music, listen to the song for what it is and made up their mind and it’s gone this well! It just shows me that I wasn’t crazy for liking it and thinking it was good.

Who would you say are your main musical influences?

There’s so many musical influences, I try to take an inspiration from everywhere, almost, but I’d say the ones that have been the biggest inspirations have probably been the Swedish House Mafia and Eric Prydz and Daft Punk. That’s probably been the electronic producers that’s really shaped how I produce my songs even when I’m playing around with other genres and stuff that way of thinking and that way to kind of start producing a song I’ve kind of learned from their music and gone and been inspired by their music, but other than that every song is kind of new inspiration. I mean I listen to everything myself, and I hope the album will show that.

You’ve collaborated with some big names, is there was anyone out there that you're keen to work with? If so, who and why?

I’d say for the future work and songs and collaborations, I’d say something that would be really interesting would be to work with the legends, and the legendary song writers and artists, like Paul Simon or Stevie Wonder you know, people like that who are outside of the box that are huge and geniuses and are I guess my biggest idols in music and in general. I think something like that would be interesting because it’s unchartered territory and it’s not really been done either, so looking into something like that would be really interesting.

Avicii (© REX)

You’ve created a number of successful tracks, do you have a personal favourite?

I don’t know it’s hard, but I’d say my personal favourite on my release track is probably Wake Me Up just because it’s the first time I really went into the idea of something that was just a song, like a real song and focusing on… like I wanted it to be emotional, and not really a purpose track like a lot of the club music and stuff I’ve done before, and a lot of the house songs have been purpose tracks for my set just to get people dancing, which is great and necessary and I love that as well, but with Wake Me Up it was just something different that I have never done before and with the album in general, I just wanted to make songs, and that’s what I focused on so I’d say Wake Me Up for sure.

Your album is called True, tell me one true thing about yourself that you’ve never told anyone before.

Erm… one true thing about myself… I’d probably say… God it’s hard! I’d probably say that I’m a little bit shy, I don’t enjoy being the centre of attention unlike other artists I don’t think I’m necessarily born to be a performer in that way so what I have always loved is just producing and writing music, and obviously touring as well, but it always kind of follows me around a little bit that I’m not… (he laughs) loving being in the spotlight and stuff like that.

Avicii's album True is out now

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