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Enjoyed watching Joel Kinnaman in Robosuit: Michael Keaton

'RoboCop' stars Michael Keaton and Joel Kinnaman talk about the Robosuit

Enjoyed watching Joel Kinnaman in Robosuit: Michael Keaton (© Reuters)

Los Angeles: Michael Keaton enjoyed watching co-star Joel Kinnaman shoot in his uncomfortable Robosuit while he was dressed normally in sci-fi movie 'RoboCop'.

Keaton, who plays the role of Raymond Sellers, boss of the evil Omnicorp in the sci-fi movie, said Kinnaman's Robosuit was way better than his rubber costume in 1989 Batman movie.

"That sissy suit - they have air conditioning in it. When I played Batman I couldn't do any of that because I couldn't get up to go the bathroom," Keaton recalled.

"I enjoyed every minute of watching Joel. I'd just sit there in my little business suit and watch him. There was a lot of gloating," Keaton told Contactmusic.

Kinnaman plays the lead role of policeman Alex Murphy, who is turned into a superhuman cyborg law enforcer known as 'RoboCop' following a critical injury.

As part of his role, Kinnaman had to wear the Robosuit in most of his scenes but the actor got no sympathy from Keaton.

"I got no sympathy from Michael Keaton when I was complaining about my suit. He was like, 'Shut up, you've got it easy. They had to glue my suit on," Kinnaman said.

Directed by Jose Padilha, the film is a remake of 1987 movie of the same name.

The film is releasing in India on February 14.

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