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'iSteve' aims to be '1st Steve Jobs biopic'

Filmmaker Ryan Perez's 'iSteve' to be the first Steve Jobs biopic after Ashton Kutcher-starrer 'jOBS' recently got postponed

'iSteve' aims to be '1st Steve Jobs biopic' (© Getty Images)

Washington: A new Steve Jobs film from Funny or Die starring Justin Long as Apple's iconic founder aims to be the "first biopic" on the late visionary iPhone maker.

The director and writer Ryan Perez of 'iSteve' said that their "goal was not to be the best, but the first Steve Jobs movie".

Perez and his team wrote the script in three days and shot the film in five, ABC News reports.

It will be released on April 15 on Funnyordie.

Perez said 'iSteve' will cover most of Jobs' life, from his days working out of the garage in California to the development of the iPhone and Apple .

In addition to 'iSteve', there are two other Steve Jobs biopics on the horizon.

'jOBS', starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, was due out on April 19, but was recently delayed, the report said.

Aaron Sorkin is also writing a Steve Jobs film. Sorkin has said his film will focus on a particular point in Jobs' life, it added.

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