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It was tough to play superman: Henry Cavill

The new on-screen Superman, Henry Cavill, found it extremely challenging to step into the shoes of legendary actors Christopher Reeve and Kirk Alyn for 'Man of Steel'

It was tough to play superman: Henry Cavill (© Reuters)

New Delhi: Henry Cavill, who is all set to play superman in the reboot of the film series 'Man of Steel', initially found it a bit unnerving to step into the shoes of legendary actors Christopher Reeve and Kirk Alyn.

Cavill, 30, said he knew that he will be compared with the previous actors in the superhero series, which is celebrating the 75th birth anniversary of DC comics' Superman.

"There is a pressure that I will be compared. Christopher Reeve was Superman as far as live action goes. I have done my job now and I can't change people's minds. But I just hope we tell a great version of the story.

"I never imagined that as a boy and before starting my acting career 17 years ago that one day I will play the popular character of Superman. I watched it as a kid but I didn't watch them as a part of my research," Cavill told PTI in an email interview.

Directed by Zack Synder and produced by Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures, 'Man of Steel' releases on June 14.

The British actor said that he had to undergo a gruelling physical training for seven months to get in shape for his role as Clark Kent and his superhero alter-ego.

"The biggest challenge was the probably physical side of it. Transforming my body to sort of look like that. It took about 5 months to get to a certain state and another two to get to the shirtless state. It was a lot of hard work," he added.

Though the superhero characters are unrealistic, the 'Tudors' star insists that the director made the storyline so realistic that everyone could relate to the role.

"The suit did not make me more relatable. It was the storyline. The suit itself was a Kryptonian thing and an alien thing and so less relatable than the previous suit which was a strong man thing. The suit wasn't the vehicle for that. There was more storyline," he said.

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