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John Lennon regretted becoming too political

Joe Flannery reveals new details about late singer John Lennon's political leanings.

John Lennon regretted becoming too political (© Getty Images)

London: John Lennon, known for his activism around the world, regretted getting too political according to his childhood friend Joe Flannery.

81-year-old Flannery was one of the last people to have talked to 'Beatles' founder shortly before he was killed in December 1980, reported Daily Express.

Flannery used to handle the band's bookings. His book contains insights into the state of mind of Lennon shortly before he was murdered in the lobby of the New York apartment where he lived with his wife Yoko Ono.

"We enjoyed a lengthy conversation. We talked a lot of rubbish of course. He was very well and happy but he missed Liverpool, he missed the others and he missed London but he told me at one stage that he regretted 'getting too political'," Flannery said.

"John launched into a diatribe against the former president. He was convinced that even out of office Nixon carried power and wanted him dead. He felt some kind of curse was hanging over him," Flannery added.

Flannery said Lennon believed that his thoughts on peace and lyrical barbs had made him a government target.

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