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Jonah Hill defends 'The Wolf Of Wall Street'

Actor Jonah Hill talks about working with ace filmmaker Martin Scorsese and his latest film 'The Wolf Of Wall Street'

Jonah Hill defends 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' (© AP)

Los Angeles: Jonah Hill has defended his latest film 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' which features drug addiction, infidelity and crime, claiming immoral behaviour has a 'bad ending'.

In Martin Scorsese's latest film, the 30-year-old actor plays Donnie Azoff - who works with stockbroker Jordan Belfort played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

DiCaprio's character develops a cocaine addiction, cheats on his wife and commits fraud, reported Variety.

"I personally take away the message from the film that this behaviour, this lifestyle, leads to a very bad ending.

"I think the movie is not glorifying this behaviour, it is showing that it leads to bad places whether their judicial punishment doesn't reflect that is one thing. Where your life ends up, who you are as a person, is another," Hill said.

The actor isn't sure how he'll be able to top the experience he had while making 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' and said working with 71-year-old filmmaker Scorsese was the greatest experience of his life.

"I wrote him a note when we wrapped the film and exchanged gifts, I wrote him a note about how grateful I was to be included in the movie and I said, 'Well, the rest of my life is just egg noodles and ketchup,' which is the line at the end of 'GoodFellas'," Hill said.

"Like, how do you compare any other work experience to working with Martin Scorsese for six months? It was just the greatest experience of my life," he added.

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