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Kim Kardashian involved in car crash

Kim Kardashian escapes injury after she was involved in a car crash

Kim Kardashian involved in car crash (© Reuters)

Los Angeles: Reality TV star Kim Kardashian was involved in a minor car crash while she was driving along Sunset Boulevard.

The 'Keeping Up with Kardashians' star's USD 100,000 Mercedes G Wagon got a mere scratch while the other vehicle, a Nissan Sentra, took a bigger damage on the front grill, reported TMZ online.

The 33-year-old TV star was making a left turn at an intersection while the other driver was going in the opposite direction with his right turn signal on, an eyewitness said. The other driver went straight instead, causing the two cars to collide.

They reportedly drove to the Beverly Hills Hotel where they exchanged information. Neither Kim nor the other driver, a male, was ticketed by authorities.

This is not the first street casualty that Kim experienced. In November last year, the reality show star was pulled over for speeding in Los Angeles on a busy freeway while trying to escape paparazzi chase. She was also pulled over in March last year while driving her black Mercedes SUV.

Back in 2012, Kim also found herself being pulled over for not having license plate on her vehicle.

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