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Meticulous planning made 'Braveheart' classic: Mel Gibson

Hollywood star Mel Gibson talks about the making of his cult film 'Braveheart'

Meticulous planning made 'Braveheart' classic: Mel Gibson (© Reuters)

London: Mel Gibson says his meticulous planning behind the battle scenes of 1995 hit 'Braveheart' led to the film's success.

The 58-year-old actor, who won an Oscar for best direction for the film, said he wanted clarity in the fight scenes and did a lot of detailing to achieve that, reported Contactmusic.

"The thing I wanted out of the battle sequences was clarity. I've seen a lot of these battle movies and they just turn into mush.

"I broke it down to archers and horses and hand-to-hand and who had the high ground and the low ground, everybody was clearly delineated, even though it was often the same bunch of people playing different parts," he said.

'Braveheart', the historical war drama had Gibson in the lead role of William Wallace, who led his native Scotland to war against the English. The movie became an instant classic, with its battle scenes admired by all, and also picked up five Oscars.

Gibson also revealed the person who came closest to death on the sets of 'Braveheart' was himself.

"There was a horse that nearly killed me. He had a good trick where he did this whole rear-up thing, but he'd also fall backwards, which is a problem if you've fallen off first and you're behind him.

"He did that to me. My stunt double ran in and pulled me out of the way just as the horse fell," he said.

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