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'The Ugly Truth' isn't pretty!

At the end of the drearily formulaic romantic comedy 'The Ugly Truth', as our two leads are finally admitting they've fallen for each other, Katherine Heigl's character asks Gerard Butler's why he's in love with her. Basically, he says he has no idea, only he phrases it with a word we can't reprint here.

Review: 'The Ugly Truth'


Our sentiments exactly.

Obviously, in a battle-of-the-sexes comedy like this, the guy and the girl who hate each other at the beginning realize they're meant for each other by the end. But there's nothing even remotely likable, much less lovable, about Heigl's Abby Richter. She's a control freak who runs a tight ship at a Sacramento TV station, producing the morning news with unflappable efficiency and zero creativity.

She uses the same approach in her personal life, which is why she's hopelessly single, despite the fact that she looks like Katherine Heigl. Abby prints out talking points to go over with her blind dates, for example, and has a 10-item checklist of requirements for her ideal man.

Sure, it's meant as a joke, but come on. The idea of a woman being so rigid and frigid is purely archaic -- which is why it's so disheartening that the script comes from three women: Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith, who had much greater success writing female characters in "Legally Blonde" and "The House Bunny," and first-timer Nicole Eastman.

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