Fri, 21 May 2010 11:01:25 GMT

3-D doesn't make 'Shrek' pop

Given that 'Shrek Forever After' is the first film in the franchise in 3-D, it's surprisingly flat -- and we're not just talking about the look of it.

Review: 'Shrek Forever After'


This fourth and allegedly final installment in the series is lifeless, joyless and woefully devoid of the upbeat energy that distinguished the earlier movies -- well, at least the first two. If 'Shrek the Third' from 2007 felt tired, 'Shrek Forever After' is practically narcoleptic.

Brief bursts of manic energy give way to long, heavy stretches that drag. Most of the hackneyed pop culture references of its predecessors are gone, mercifully, but so is the fun. This time, the big, bad ogre is having a mid-life crisis -- not exactly a hoot for the kids in the audience, and their parents can suffer through that at home for free.

As for the animation, presenting it in 3-D doesn't add a whole lot. This is not a deeply immersive experience; more often, it consists of stuff being flung at you in gimmicky fashion. After this summer, when about a half-dozen movies will be leaping out at us in 3-D, can the whole trend just go away? Please?

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