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Review: 'Legend of The Guardians…'

Review: 'Legend of The Guardians…'

Right from the first scene of the film where an owl gracefully sweeps low under an azure sky, you know you're in for a different ride. And true to this promise, maverick director Zack Snyder, who directed the '300' and the almost unfilmable graphic novel 'Watchmen', does not disappoint.

Soren is a Barn owl who loves stories about the legend of the guardians and their fight to defeat the evil warlord Metal Beak. His brother Kludd is more realistic. When a naughty night's adventure goes wrong, the two brothers are kidnapped by men of Metal Beak to train them to take on the Guardians.

Soren escapes with another owl Gylfie and heads out to warn the Guardians of this sinister plot. But no one knows where the Guardians live?

The core strength of this film is its spectacular visuals that land smoothly in the imagination of viewers. The conceptualisation and execution of a few scenes are exemplary especially the one where Soren learns to trust his instinct when thrown into a whirlpool and where towering flames curl up like waves and he glides through it like riding a wave. And 3D only accentuates this realistic feast for the eyes.

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