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Review: 'Just Go With It'

The poster asks, "What if a little lie kept getting bigger?". More like, "What if the people telling the little lie kept getting dumber?"

Just Go With It Review

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston's romantic comedy, idiotic even by their usually low big-screen standards, is stuffed with unpleasant narcissists saying and doing the stupidest, often cruel things in hope of cheap laughs.

They fail. There's barely a titter's worth of humor in this bloated mess that drones on for nearly two hours.

Director Dennis Dugan, whose many collaborations with Sandler include 'Big Daddy' and 'Grown Ups', lets scene after unfunny scene linger painfully as the characters blather dreary nonsense for minutes on end.

Based on Walter Matthau, Ingrid Bergman and Goldie Hawn's 1969 comedy 'Cactus Flower', the movie casts Sandler as Danny Maccabee, an unmarried, well-off plastic surgeon and supposedly nice guy who has spent two decades pretending to be a mistreated husband so he can score with sympathetic women (yeah, real nice guy).

Then Danny falls for schoolteacher Palmer Dodge (Sports Illustrated swimsuit goddess Brooklyn Decker). Rather than doing something silly, like telling Palmer the simple truth that he's interested and available, Danny enlists his assistant and longtime platonic pal, Katherine (Aniston), to pose as the wife he's divorcing so he can woo his new woman.

And the lame-brained lies build from there. Single mom Katherine's kids (Bailee Madison and Griffin Gluck) are drawn into the charade, along with Danny's randy cousin (Nick Swardson).

All three are annoying enough as their regular characters, but Madison and Swardson yammer in grating European accents much of the time as part of this shabby plot to con sweet and trusting Palmer into falling for a creep.

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