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Superman ditches red underwear in 'Man of Steel'

Upcoming superman movie 'Man of Steel' will have the superhero donning a new costume, minus his famous red underwear

Superman ditches red underwear in 'Man of Steel' (© Reuters)

New York: Superman would not be seen in his old attire with red underpants worn over the blue bodysuit, in the upcoming movie 'Man of Steel'.

Henry Cavill's costume in the new movie has darker, moodier tones than earlier incarnations of the superhero and there are no shorts, the New York Daily News reported.

The new suit is made from high-tech mesh material and instead of the short red pants worn over his costume, a sinewy muscular design in matching deep blue encircles will be seen on his waist.

The director of the movie Zack Snyde said that it is just a modern esthetic.

Producer Chuck Roven explained that there is a little embroidery that is a tip of the hat to the trunks.

He added that the director and the costume designers came up with many different designs that could preserve the trunks, but ultimately just couldn't find a way to make them work with Snyder's new vision of a revamped Superman.

Costume designers Jim Acheson or Michael Wilkinson, who have given this new look aren't doing interviews, perhaps to preserve the character's mystery.

The trunks were originally imagined by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel in 1938, and referred to circus strongmen and signified Superman's feats of strength.

Superman's costume in 'Man of Steel' strongly resembles the superhero's look in DC Comics' 2011 'New 52' reboot series.

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