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'Wreck-It Ralph' was challenging: Indian animator

US-based Indian animator Avneet Kaur, who has worked on Walt Disney's forthcoming movie ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ as technical director, says that they researched new ideas and explored innovative techniques to bring the creative vision of the characters and wonderful worlds of the film to life.

'Wreck-It Ralph' was challenging: Indian animator (© Reuters)

Kaur, who worked as simulation technical director on the film's primary characters Ralph and Calhoun, says the experience was enjoyable as well as challenging.

"Working on 'Wreck-It Ralph' was a truly enjoyable experience. We were constantly researching new ideas and exploring innovative techniques to bring the creative vision of the characters and wonderful worlds of the film to life, using cutting edge, state of art technology," Kaur told IANS.

"It was indeed a challenging role, requiring me and everyone in our team to constantly push the limits of our artistic and technical expertise, research and develop new techniques, in order to realise the vision that our director had for bringing these characters to life on screen. The thrill and the challenge of the work was exhilarating to say the least," she said.

She feels that the animation industry has come a long way and is globally evolving in various technical aspects.

According to Kaur, from hand-drawn and cel (celluloid) animation [traditional animation] to the advent of fully computer generated animated features, stop-motion animation, photo realistic shading, motion capture, facial capture, stereoscopic 3D technology etc., the animation industry has come a long way in the past few decades.

"It is continuing to evolve in domains of creative ideas and advancements in technology," she added.

Born and brought up in Delhi, Kaur joined Sony Imageworks after graduating from Texas A&M University in 2003 and worked on ‘The Polar Express’.

In 2005, she shifted to Walt Disney Animation Studios and have since worked on animated features like ‘Meet The Robinsons’, ‘Bolt’, ‘The Christmas Carol’, ‘Prep and Landing’ and ‘Tangled’.

Her new film ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ releases on November 9.

Asked about her views on the Indian animation industry, she said: "Animated feature films may be a relatively new concept in India, but irrespective of the medium, I believe audiences always want to be entertained by an incredibly well-made film with a strong story line, compelling characters, high production quality, and a film that has a broad mass appeal."

However, Kaur admits she would love to be part of any Indian animation film and added: "It will be a homecoming, for my work."

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