Vinod Khanna has been Bollywood's favourite "Had it been... it would have been" boy, for he left his supposedly flourishing career to play real-time chauffer to a demi-god. Disillusioned, desperate and nowhere near Enlightenment, Vinod staged a half-hearted comeback in the mid eighties, but found himself to be the dampest squib around. His most memorable comeback sequence could well be the Daya-less smooch he shared with Madhuri Dixit, in 'Dayawan'! Vinod produced a mega-debut vehicle for his son Akshaye, which was, quiet smugly, titled 'Himalayaputra' (Son of the Himalayas). It bombed at the B.O; Akshaye somehow survived the crash to make a living as an actor. Rahul Khanna preferred to be the plum on parallel cinema cakes and went on to become the darling of crossover filmmakers. Akshaye inherits his dad's narcissist streak. As for Rahul, he does have a penchant for smooching!