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'143 Hyderabad' based on real incidents

Telugu director Anand Chakravarthy talks about his upcoming film '143 Hyderabad', based on real life incidents

'143 Hyderabad' based on real incidents (© Facebook)

Chennai: Telugu director Anand Chakravarthy's upcoming thriller '143 Hyderabad' is based on real incidents and he says there are enough stories around us that can be a source of inspiration for celluloid interpretation.

"We have plenty of stories around us that can be adapted into a film, but we always struggle with old stories. My film is inspired from real incidents that happened in and around Hyderabad in the last few years," Anand told IANS.

"It's about a few characters on a road trip and how their lives intersect at a point in the film. These characters are picked up from different real incidents and I've put them together to form a thriller sort of a story," he added.

The film stars Anand himself alongside Dhansika, Arjun Ramsi, Lakshmi Nair and Jagan. It is co-produced by 5 Colors Multimedia and B.B.S Studio.

Queried if the film was inspired from Hollywood thrillers, Anand said: "I wouldn't deny it because the presentation of the film is akin to several thriller films, but the plot is original."

The film, which is scheduled to release in March, has music by Selva Ganesh and cinematography by Lakshman.

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