Thu, 22 Jan 2009 19:01:52 GMT

Starry dreams: Kasturi loses job!


Starry dreams: Kasturi loses job!

Kasturi, who faded from limelight a few years ago, still has ambitions of stardom and is ready to go to any extent to realize it, say sources. The lady, as slim and fit as ever, has released her portfolio with a few glamourous photographs to PR agencies recently. But, her starry dreams have cost her a high paying job, say sources.

The former ‘Miss Chennai’ was holding an important position with a leading production house till a few days ago.  The producers and directors, who used to come to her office to narrate their project and get funding for the same were pestered by Kasturi with the demand to cast her as the second heroine in their films. She used to promise them that if her condition was met, she would ensure funding for their project. say rumourmills.

Startled by the suggestion, many directors had reportedly left without narrating the story.  When the matter reached the ears of her employers, she was promptly shown the door. Now, she plays one of the five heroines opposite the much younger Vinay in ‘Nootrukku Nooru’ directed by Selvaa.


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