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Top 5 stars of Telugu B.O

It is time to go beyond proclamations, claims, retorts and diatribe. The BO burrow is where all false gods falter, every Friday. Friday, Fly-day or Fry-day...? It depends on which end of the Fab Five chart you are!

King Nag is back!

December, his luckiest month, has come to the rescue of Akkineni Nagarjuna again. 'King', relased on Dec 25, is all set to become a blockbuster for the superstar who has had his big hit three years back, in 'Mass'.

Director Seenu Vytla scores a hat trick with this movie; his last films, 'Ready' and 'Dhee', were huge hits.

'King' is a well-packaged film, with an eye-full of the superstar (three eyefulls rather, for he plays three roles!).

Nagarjuna, fast approaching 50, radiates energy and youthful charm in all three roles. Trisha Krishnan is the female lead and Mamta Mohandas appears does an interesting cameo.

Strength: The Nagarjuna charm

Weakness: Screen lag!

B.O. Verdict: Great Opening

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Nagarjuna in and as 'King'

Ravi Teja: The wait continues!

Ravi Teja needs a big hit to reclaim his status in Tollywood. His last outing, 'Baladur', was a colossal flop. 'Neninthe' directed by Puri Jagannath, is also headed towards the same direction, it seems.

Strength: Hot songs; excellent comedy

Weakness:  Looks like a docu-drama

B.O. Verdict: Average

3. Tanish: Second debut?

Sai Subhakar, the child artiste of yesteryear, debuts as hero with the screen-name, Tanish, in 'Nachhavule'. He plays Lava Kumar, a teenager who wants to become a Casanova!

Debutante Madhavi Lata, as the female lead, gives a good account of herself and vibes well with the hero. Director-turned-actor Kasi Viswanath is excellent in the role of the hero's father.

The film is directed by Ravibabu. The songs, composed by Shekar Chandra, are already a hit.

Strength: Fine performances, breezy screenplay

Weakness: Slow start!

B.O. Verdict: Above Average

4. Varun Sandesh: Happy Days, again!

Hero of the trend-setting 'Happy Days', Varun Sandesh, betters himself in his second film, 'Kotha Bangaru Lokam'. The Srikanth Addala film, already past 70 days, is a roaring hit with Gen Y.

5. Krishnudu: Big is Beautiful!!

'Vinayakudu' is a cool movie from new comer Sai Kiran Addivi.


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