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Nothing wrong with glamshow: Nayantara

Diana Kurien aka Nayantara, the dream girl of millions of youth in south India, is one of the most sought after actresses in Kollywood. One of the highest paid actresses down South, the siren has acquired an hourglass figure of late and looks ravishing in her latest film, ‘Villu’, opposite Vijay.

Nothing wrong with glamshow: Nayantara

The glam queen debuted in Tamil opposite Sarath Kumar in ‘Aiya’, directed by Hari.  Her big break was the Rajnikanth mega hit ‘‘Chandramukhi’’.  Before that, she had done a few Malayalam films.  Nayan has also made her presence felt in Telugu with a few blockbusters such as ‘Dubai Seenu’.

Excerpts from an exclusive interview with the sensational beauty...

Q: Do you feel sidelined in Tamil films, which are basically hero-oriented?

A: Though the film industry is male-dominated and male-oriented, it still counts as to how an actress makes use of her opportunities, however small they are,  she gets.  Isn’t it a fact that many leading heroines of today have all done miniscule and insignificant roles in their earlier films?

Q: Won’t you be doing heroine-oriented films?

A: Of course I would, as and when I do get such on opportunity.

Q: You seem to be more inclined towards glamourous roles...

A: Of course, I look glamourous and am acting glamourous, what’s wrong in it?  Haven’t I looked homely and unglamourous in ‘Aiyaa’, ‘Eee’, ‘Chandramukhi’ and ‘Yaaradi Nee Mohini’?

Q: Any qualms about the many rumours about you?

A: I hardly bother to read them and react.  I’ve been a topic of rumours right from my college days and after coming to film industry, I have kind of got used to it.  This is a price, I’m afraid, one has to pay for stardom and for being popular.

Q: Do you miss anything due to your huge popularity?

A: Of course, yes!  I have lost much of my liberty; I can’t shop around independently without people being aware of it or surrounding me.  I can’t just like that go to a restaurant of my choice and eat there.  More than this, I have to look beautiful, slim and trim as many youngsters take after actresses like us as their role-models.  I sweat it out to remain slim and look good.  In a way, it’s a kind of social responsibility!

Q: What’s the secret behind your slim figure?

A: I don’t do a lot of exercising but manage my food habits and keep them under control.   Ice cream, soft drinks, oil and sweets are a big ‘no’ for me.  I also use different creams, depending on the season, to protect my skin from getting affected.

Q: Your favourite food items...

A: I will not define myself in a single line; in fact, I’m not sure if I can do that.  If things don’t turn out as I have expected, I do get disappointed.  I can’t have something in my mind and say something.  Whatever is in my mind is reflected on my face.  I react to things depending on my mood.

I love listening to melodies and like travelling.  I like to keep on travelling in a car on an endless road.  Family is my biggest strength.  My family is very affectionate towards me but they haven’t pampered me.  They’ve drawn a thin line in between.


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