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I have accepted my faults: Prakashraj

Prakash Rai (Prakashraj in Tamil) was recently in Bangalore, his hometown, to inaugurate the 3rd Bengalooru International Film Festival. An exclusive interview with the veteran actor...

I have accepted my faults: Prakashraj

Q. You have been an actor and producer for a while now. What changes do you think the film industry needs immediately?

A. Well, we have to change the kind of films we are churning out now. This change cannot come overnight. Not only the producers and directors, but the audience also should take the initiative. The producers and directors must be aware of the consequences of the failure of the regular kind of cinema and the audience should have the guts to reject such kind of films.

Q. There is a huge gap between commercial and art cinema now. What's your view on that as you have been associated  with both kind of cinemas?

A. Commercial, as the word itself suggests is purely for entertainment. We must welcome it because people need entertainment. At the same time, we must seriously think of art or serious or realistic kind of cinema. Both should be balanced equally. An actor has more responsibility in this regard.

Q. Kannada film industry is celebrating its 75th year. Are you happy with its current state?

A. I am very proud of the achievements of the Kannada film industry so far. But when we look back, it is painful to see that after so many years, we need the Government to help us out of every problem, we need to bow down in front of everyone. I hope we come out of all this and stand stabilised.

Q. Prakash Rai is more associated with controversies. What's your take on that?

A. To be frank, controversy is my surname. I have accepted my faults. I have come to terms with my indiscipline and after the bans I have come back bigger and better.

Q. Any plans to direct films?

A. (Laughs) I don't know in which direction I am right now and the direction I have to go to.

Q. Tell us something about your favourite film so far?

A. There is nothing like a favourite or special film for a person like me. It’s not the question whether my films and performances have been successful or not. Whatever I have done till today, were from my heart. So, I am responsible for all good and bad films.

Q. Are you happy about the kind of films that are made under your banner?

A. My second venture, 'Abhiyum Naanum' is also a success. I am glad that people are ready to appreciate films that have good content rather than stars.

Q. Any plans of producing or acting in a Kannada movie?

A. I am hoping to return to Kannada cinema, my home, by the end of this year. As far as production is concerned, talks are still going on. Let's see what's in store for us.


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