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'Maska': Ram strikes again!

Ram cements his place in Tollywood with 'Maska', a masala entertainer by B.Gopal. The energetic young man, who has scripted one of the biggest hits in Telugu last year with 'Ready', delivers a creditable performance to the liking of the masses.

'Maska': Ram strikes again!

Movie Review

The storyline, at a glance, resembles Dhanush film 'Padikkadhavan' in Tamil. Krishna Kanth aka Krish (Ram) is happy go lucky guy who is into all sorts of troubles with his mischievous ways. Krish, who has studied only up to  intermediate,  wants to make a change to the routine and wants to move on. But, he is not at all willing to  sweat it out! He finds an easy way out: To marry a rich girl.

He finds his 'ideal' lover in Manju (Sheela), who wants somebody who has a past! So Krish cooks up a story to suit her requirements and earns her love. As they settle in their love-life, the lover he invented, Meenu (Hansika Motwani) appears in flesh and blood.

Next, it is the turn of baddies, played by Pradeep Rawat and Mukesh Rishi as villains are excellent, as always. To know what will happen after that, one does not need to wrack their brains.

The first half is very entertaining with Ram showing off his skills in dancing and romancing. He is good in comedy scenes as well. The leading ladies, Sheela and Hansika, ooze glamour and style. The former gives a very natural performance, while Hansika seems a little tentative.

The second half, predictably is full of action and bloodshed.

In the role of the companion of the hero, Sunil is brilliant, but veteran Brahmanandam fails to evoke laughter most of the time. Naresh and Jhansi, who play Krish's brother-in-law and wife, give a decent performance.

The film, a thumping comeback for the famous producer 'Sankranti' Raju,  has been helped by quality cinematography from  Sekhar V Joseph and music by Chakri.

The film is a veritable feast for the average film-goer--Ram's amazing stunts and dances, sensational glamour from Sheela-Hansika duo and good comedy from Sunil.


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