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Filling in my grandpa's shoes

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather Kalyan Kumar, Yuvraj Kalyankumar is all set to make his debut in Kannada films…

Filling in my grandpa's shoes

'Amarashilpi Jakanachari' as per tradition is the first full length Kannada colour feature film that had Kalyan Kumar, one of South India's biggest stars, in the lead. And 46 years down the lane, Kalyan Kumar's grandson, Yuvraj Kalyankumar is making an entry into the industry with a film titled 'Jakkana', which happens to be the name of the character essayed by Kalyan Kumar in 'Amarashilpi Jakanachari'.

"While it is a great feeling to be debuting in a film that carries the name of one of my grandfather's most popular roles, I wish to clarify that my film has nothing to do with the classic. This will be a suspense thriller. The film will also hold a mirror to Karnataka and its rich heritage and culture. We want to tell people that there is more to Karnataka than Bangalore. We are also showcasing a long lost art form in 'Jakkana'," says Yuvraj.

"The film will appeal to both the class and the mass," adds Yuvraj who will be seen in an action packed role. "Before entering films, I used to work as a software engineer and the common complaint among my colleagues, who were avid Kannada film watchers, was that our films lacked nativity and had nothing new to offer. They were tired of watching mindless comedy and action. 'Jakkana' steers clear of all the clichés and this is why I signed the project. It is sure to establish a connect with the audience," he further claims.

Does the need to do quality cinema also stem from the fact that he happens to be the grandson of an actor who was known for meaningful cinema? "People refer to me more as Kalyankumar's grandson rather than Yuvraj. So yes, I do carry the responsibility of doing good cinema," he says adding, "Apart from establishing myself as a good actor I want to be known as a good human being. I want to become like my grandfather."

Speaking of his grandfather, he recalls some of the fond moments spent with him. "We often watched plays together. I was too young to understand cinema and its logistics so we hardly discussed it. But growing up around him has made me realise that cinema is all about continuous struggle and patience. And I am ready for it," he concludes.

Source: Shruti IL, DNA-Daily News & Analysis

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