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Music Review: 'Sundattam'

Britto's 'Sundattam', featuring the voices of Aalaap Raju, Madhubala and Karthi, among others, is melodious, but doesn't linger on.

Music Review: 'Sundattam' (© Filmysouth)

The soundtrack of 'Sundattam' has six songs, featuring the voices of Aalaap Raju, Madhubala, Karthik, Kaali, Britto, Saindhavi, Ranjith, Madhu and Roshini. Though the album has a good mix of melodious and racy numbers, its impact is short-lived.

Aalaap Raju and Madhubala open the soundtrack with a breezy duet called "Narumugaye", which is perfectly backed by electronic percussions and acoustic strings. The singers' vocals make the song one of the best duets of recent times and that may very well make it the pick of the album.

Karthik's "Adi unnale" is a melodious track, which deserves to be heard, but sadly it may not appeal to all because it has its share of tragedy. A perfect mix of Indian and western instruments including flute, keyboard and strings play throughout the song.

"Nethiyilae", crooned by Kaali is a mass-appealing fast number with heavy thumping and beats. The song has cheap lyrics, which make it a total turn off. But what keeps this track partly interesting is the native music touch, which includes instruments such as tabla and harmonica.

"Kan kondu" by Britto is a melodious dedication to love. The song's lyrics revolve around love and its after-effects. The instruments play a pivotal in the success of this song. Britto keeps the overall sound of the instruments to minimum and shifts focus on his vocals, and therefore the song doesn't lose its spirit.

The next number in the soundtrack is heavily influenced by digital beats. "Kadhal varum varai" by Saindhavi is a track high on energy, but low on creativity on the music front. The entire song is digitally mastered, including the tabla beats, and thus it fails to leave any impact.

"Vizhiyil vithai" by Ranjith, Madhu, and Roshini sounds more or less like an item number. The music is a mix of electronic percussions and some strings. Occasional rap lines dominate the song; while the rest of it plays like a typical mass number.

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