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Nothing controversial in 'Ravana Desam': Director

Debutant director Ajay Nuthakki talks about the forthcoming bilingual Tamil-Telugu political-drama 'Ravana Desam'

Nothing controversial in 'Ravana Desam': Director (© Filmysouth)

Chennai: Ajay Nuthakki has reinforced that there is absolutely nothing controversial in 'Ravana Desam', which is based on the refugees missing during the 2009 civil war in Sri Lanka.

"My film is inspired from true events about the missing refugees of Sri Lankan war, but it has nothing controversial. There's nothing in the film that's pro or anti-Tamil. It follows the struggle of refugees and it needs to be viewed from a humanistic standpoint to appreciate the effort," Ajay told us.

The film is slated to release Friday and Nuthakki points out that he hasn't pointed fingers at any individual or system.

"Films attract controversies when they hold someone responsible for an event from the past. I have tried to avoid that and my story only focuses on the refugees but not on the war or those who instigated it in the first place," he said.

"It's about life before and after for people who turned refugees. We have tried to focus on the contrast between pre and post an event and its consequences on the lives of a few people," he added.

Starring newcomers Jennifer and Ramesh in the lead roles, 'Ravana Desam' is produced by New Empire Celluloid.

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