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Ram Charan Teja biscuits surprised Apoorva Lakhia

One has heard of perfumes being named after stars. But biscuits?!

Ram Charan Teja biscuits surprised Apoorva Lakhia (© Filmysouth)

Mumbai: Named after Telugu superstar Ram Charan Teja, the biscuits are available in parts of the world with a sizeable South Indian population.

When director Apoorva Lakhia, in whose 'Zanjeer' remake, Ram Charan Teja makes his Bollywood debut, found 'Charan Biscuits' on the supermarket shelves of Kyoto, Japan he was stumped.

Lakhia has not only brought back the biscuits to India, he has also decided to market 'Zanjeer' biscuits for Ram Charan's fans.

Said Lakhia: “I was in the town of Kyoto, which has a sizeable Indian population. In the supermarket while buying myself some food, I came across a brand of biscuit named Charan. I immediately got curious.

"When I inquired around I got to know that Ram’s South Indian fans in Kyote and Kobe had gotten together to manufacture this brand of biscuit. I was zapped. Of course, I bought some. They’re quite good.”

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