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'Azhagar Malai': The Masala Overdose!

Film: 'Azhagar Malai'; Director: S.P. Raajakumar; Cast: RK, Napoleon, Bhanu, Lal, Vadivelu; Music: Ilayaraja; Ratings: ** 1/2

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'Azhagar Malai': A "complete" entertainer!

Humour seems to be the safe bet in Tamil cinema right now -- when most of the movies are biting the dust. Director S.P. Raajakumar, known for handling comic themes like in 'En Purushan Kuzhandhai Madhiri', has come out with a time-tested formula film that has Vadivelu going all out, giving good company to RK.

In 'Azhagar Malai', Pughazhendi (RK) is ridiculed by everyone in the village for being a habitual drinker. In the company of his uncle Kathathamuthu (Vadivelu), he does nothing but booze. On the other hand, Pughazh's elder brother Pandithurai (Napolean) is worshipped by many in the village for his good nature.

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